About The Illustrator

Morgan Spicer is an illustrator, character/concept designer and the Founder of Bark Point Studio.  She has illustrated 28 Children's Books since she graduated from Syracuse University's Illustration Program in 2012. Morgan Spicer has created thousands of custom illustrations (previously called caricatures) with a percentage of a lot of her commissions going to local and international Animal Rescue Groups that she has partnered with. 

Morgan Spicer's first book to be published, Sashi The Scared Little Sheltie is a successful 3-part series, now available with a percentage of sales to benefit Sheltie Rescue. Although almost all of her books have been about dogs, she is now working on three projects that are dog-free. She would like to thank her incredible support system which is comprised of family, friends, social media followers, and Rescue-Partners for their unwavering support and enthusiasm for her art and philanthropic work as well. 

Morgan Spicer is an TV/Film enthusiast, an animal advocate, an animation fanatic, and an ethical vegan. She lives with her husband and Curly Tail Crew--- FOUR rescue pups that inspire her everyday.